Rule Edit

During Ship Phase, after Reveal Command Dial Step, the ship can perform up to two attacks. Resolve the Icon Command ConcentrateFire command during the “Resolve Attack Effects” step.

  • A ship can perform two attacks during its activation, but it cannot attack from the same hull zone more than once per activation.
  • A ship can attack the same target with different attacks.
  • Ships and squadrons cannot attack friendly ships and squadrons.

An attack originates from one hull zone, and the target must be inside firing arc and at attack range of that hull zone (see: Targeting).

Steps during an Attack Edit

To perform each attack with a squadron or ship, resolve the following steps:

1. Declare Target Edit

2. Roll Attack Dice Edit

3. Resolve Attack Effects Edit

4. Spend Defense Tokens Edit

5. Resolve Damage Edit

6. Declare Additional Squadron Target Edit

  • This step only occurs, when a ship attacks multiple squadrons.

After Attack, the last step of Ship Phase is Execute Maneuver.

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