Card Text Edit

"During your activation, instead of attacking you may choose 1 friendly squadron at distance 1-2. That squadron may perform an attack (even if it has already activated)."

Icon SQKey Heavy Heavy.

Icon SQKey Relay Relay 2. (When a friendly ship resolves a Icon Command Squadron command, up to 2 of the squadrons it activates can be at distance 1-3 of you.)

Rules Clarification Edit

Colonel Jendon can resolve his effect if he is not engaged or is unable to perform an attack due to some other effect.

FAQ 3.1.1 April 2017

Attributes Edit

Defense TokensEdit

Available Through Edit

Timing Edit

The effect of this Squadron Card triggers during Attack Step 1: "Declare Target"

Appearance Edit

Colonel Jendon was a former test pilot, the first pilot to fly a TIE Defender. He was the copilot of Darth Vader's personal shuttle as seen in Episode VI.


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