Card Text Edit

"When a friendly ship resolves a command by spending a command dial, if it has not resolved another command this round, it may resolve that command as if it spent a matching command token. If it does, that ship may not resolve additional commands this round."

Rules Clarification Edit

A ship cannot resolve the same command more than once per round.

A ship can spend both a command dial and a command token to combine their effects. Doing so counts as a single resolution of the command.

(Star Wars Armada: Rules Reference page 4)

You treat the effect of Commander Leia Organa "as if" you already spent a dial and a token. This counts a 1 command. Spending an additional matching command token would be a second command which is forbidden. Therefore a player cannot combine the effect of this Commander Upgrade Card with the effect of another matching command token.

Attributes Edit

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Timing Edit

The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers during Ship Phase while resolving a command. The player cannot combine the effects of this card and a matching command token.

Appearance Edit

Leia Organa, princess of Alderaan, was a member of the Imperial Senate and became a leader in the Alliance and the founding general of the Resistance. She appears in all the films of the Original Trilogy, Episode VII, Rogue One, and as a guest in the second season of Star Wars Rebels ("A Princess on Lothal").


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