Damage Cards Edit

  • Compartment Fire x2 - Crew - You cannot ready your defense tokens
  • Crew Panic x2 - Crew - Before revealing your command dial, discard it with no effect, or reveal it, but take one damage
  • Blinded Gunners x2 - Crew - You cannot spend Accuracy rolls while attacking
  • Comm Noise x2 - Crew - Your opponent may either reduce speed by 1 or choose a new command on your command dial, then flip face down
  • Life Support Failure x2 - Crew - Discard all command tokens, you may not have any command tokens
  • Damaged Controls x2 - Crew - When you overlap a ship or obstacle, deal a face down damage card to your ship (in addition to all other obstacle effects)
  • Injured Crew x4 - Crew - Choose and discard 1 of your defense tokens, then flip this card facedown
  • Faulty Countermeasures x2 - Ship - You cannot spend exhausted defense tokens
  • Power Failure x2 - Ship - Your engineering value is reduced by half, rounded down
  • Ruptured Engine x2 - Ship - after you execute a manuever, if your speed on your speed dial is >1, suffer 1 damage
  • Targeter Disruption x2 - Ship - While attacking, you cannot resolve critical effects
  • Shield Failure x2 - Ship - Your opponent may choose up to 2 hull zones, each of those zones loses one shield, then flip facedown.
  • Projector Misaligned x2 - Ship - Your hull zone with the most remaining shields loses all of its shields, if multiple are tied, choose between the tied hull zones, then flip this card face down
  • Point-defense failure x2- Ship - when attacking a squadron, before you roll your attack pool, remove one die of your choice
  • Coolant discharge x2 - Ship - only one attack you perform each round can target a ship
  • Capacitor Failure x2 - Ship - If a hull zone has no remaining shields, you cannot recover shields in it, nor move shields to it, if that hull zone is defending, you cannot spend redirect tokens.
  • Damaged Munitions x2 - Ship - When attacking a ship before you roll your attck pool, remove 1 die of your choice.
  • Depowered Armament x2 - Ship - You cannot attack at long range
  • Disengaged Fire Control x2 - Ship - When declaring the target of an attack, you cannot choose a target against whom the attack would be obstructed.
  • Structural Damage x8 - Ship - Deal an additional damage card to this ship, then turn this card facedown.
  • Thrust Control Malfunction x2 - Ship - The yaw value for the last adjustable joint at your current speed is reduced by 1.
  • Thruster Fissure x2 - Ship - when you change your speed by one or more, suffer one damage.

Upgrade Cards related to Damage Cards Edit

  • General Dodonna (Rebel Commander): "Before an enemy ship is dealt a faceup damage card, look at the top 4 cards of the damage deck, place 1 on top of the deck and discard the others."
  • Dodonna's Pride (CR-90 Title): "Blue Icon Dice Crit: Cancel all attack dice to deal 1 faceup damage card to the defender."
  • Reinforced Blast Doors (Defensive Retrofit): "At the start of the Ship Phase, you may discard this card to discard up to 3 of your facedown damage cards."
  • Repair Crews (Fleet Support): "Icon Command Repair: Instead of spending engineering points, you may discard 1 damage card from 1 friendly ship at distance 1-2."
  • Assault Proton Torpedoes (Ordnance Upgrade): "Black : Deal 1 faceup damage card to the defender."
  • XX-9 Turbolasers (Turbolaser Upgrade): "Icon Dice Crit: The first 2 damage cards dealt to the defender by this attack are dealt faceup."
  • Medical Team (Support Team): "Before you are dealt a faceup damage card with the Crew trait, you may discard this card to discard that damage card."
  • Fire Control Team (Weapons Team): "During the Resolve Damage Step, you may exhaust this card to resolve 1 additional critical effect. You cannot resolve the same critical effect twice."

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