Rule Edit

Each player builds a fleet by choosing ships, squadrons, and upgrade cards whose total fleet point cost does not exceed the total agreed upon by the players. The fleet point cost of each ship, squadron, and upgrade is printed in the lower-right corner of the card.

As part of building a fleet, each player must choose three objective cards, one from each category (Assault, Defense, Navigation).

  • The standard fleet point total is 400 points.
  • Players may build fleets of any fleet point total as long as they both agree on the total.
  • A fleet must be either Rebel-aligned or Imperial-aligned. It cannot contain any ships, squadrons, or upgrades that are aligned with the opposing faction.
  • A fleet must have one flagship and cannot have more than one flagship.
  • A fleet cannot spend more than one third of its fleet points, rounded up, on squadrons.
  • A fleet cannot contain more than one card with the same Unique Name.

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