Swm12 foresight

Card Text Edit

"When you resolve the Icon DefToken Evade defense effect, you can affect 1 additional die.

When you resolve the Icon DefToken Redirect defense effect, you can choose 1 additional adjacent hull zone to suffer damage."

Attributes Edit

Available Through Edit

Timing Edit

The effect of this Upgrade Card triggers during Attack Step 4: "Spend Defense Tokens" (Icon DefToken Evade) and/or Attack Step 5: "Resolve Damage" (Icon DefToken Redirect).

Appearance Edit

The Foresight was used by the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. During Operation Flotsam it aided clearing battle sites of dangerous materials and exploring abandoned starships for valuable information and was destroyed by a wreck's automatic firing system. It was first mentioned in Before the Storm, the first novel in The Black Fleet Crisis trilogy, written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell.


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