Card Text Edit

"Before deploying fleets, place 1 grav shift token anywhere in the play area.

After deploying fleets, you may move each obstacle at distance 1-3 of that token to within distance 2 of that obstacle's current location. Obstacles cannot overlap tokens, obstacles, or ships."

Rules Clarification Edit

Obstacles moved with this effect are restricted from overlapping tokens, obstacles, and ships only at their final position.

If an obstacle overlaps one or more squadrons, move any overlapped squadron out of the way and place the obstacle. Then the player who is not moving the obstacle places the overlapped squadrons, regardless of who owns them, in any position touching or overlapping that obstacle.

An obstacle moved with this effect can be rotated as long as no part of that obstacle is beyond distance 2 of the object’s original position.

If an obstacle with an objective token placed on it during the setup of Dangerous Territory is moved with this effect, that objective token remains on that obstacle.

FaQ Version 2.2.1; 10/24/2016

Attributes Edit

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