Defense Tokens Edit

Possible Upgrade Edit

Class Specifics Edit

Compared to the Interdictor Combat Refit for 93 pts. the Suppression Refit is equiped with 2 slots for Experimental Retrofit Upgrade Cards. It's armed with 1 red, and 3 blue dice at the front and side batteries instead of 2 red and 2 blue. It has only 1 blue die anti-squadron-armament.

Available Through Edit

Appearance Edit

The Interdictor cruiser was a general term for a class of vessels employed by the Galactic Empire with the technology to generate a gravity well, which would prevent nearby vessels from entering hyperspace. It was first described in the D6 Pen&Paper RPG supplement Imperial Sourcebook and first time on screen in the TV-series Star Wars Rebels Episode "Stealth Strike".


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