Rule Edit

Attacks that draw line of sight through an obstacle token are obstructed.

When a ship or squadron overlaps an obstacle after executing a maneuver, it resolves an effect that depends on the type of obstacle it overlapped.

  • A ship or squadron overlaps an obstacle if part of its base is on top of the obstacle token after moving (excluding activation sliders).
  • If a ship overlaps more than one obstacle, it resolves the effects of each obstacle in any order.

Asteroid Field Edit

  • The ship is dealt one faceup damage card.
  • Squadrons are unaffected.

Debris Field Edit

  • The ship suffers two damage on any one hull zone.
  • Squadrons are unaffected.

Station Edit

  • The ship can discard one of its faceup or facedown damage cards.
  • The squadron can recover one hull point.

Dust Field Edit

  • The dust field is a new type of obstacle that prevents ships from performing any attacks that would trace line of sight across the token. Squadrons can attack through a dust field, but their attacks are obstructed.

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