Rule Edit

Ships and squadrons can move through other ships and squadrons without issue. If a movement ends at the same position as another ship, squadron, or obstacle the following rules apply.

  • A ship’s shield dials and the plastic portions that frame them count as part of the ship’s base for the purposes of overlapping, but squadrons’ activation sliders are ignored.

Overlapping Obstacles Edit

If a moving ship or squadron overlaps an obstacle token, it resolves an effect depending on the specific type of obstacle token that it overlapped.

Ship overlaps Squadron Edit

If a ship executes a maneuver and its final position overlaps one or more squadrons, move any overlapped squadrons out of the way and finish the ship’s maneuver. Then the player who is not moving the ship places the overlapped squadrons, regardless of who owns them, in any position around that ship so that they touch the ship that moved. He can place those squadrons in any order.

  • A squadron cannot be placed so that it would overlap another squadron or ship.
  • If a squadron is placed on an obstacle as a result of being overlapped, it does not resolve the effects of overlapping.

Ship overlaps Ship Edit

If a ship executes a maneuver and its final position would overlap another ship, it cannot finish its maneuver normally. Instead, temporarily reduce its speed by one (without changing the speed dial) and move the ship at the new speed. This process continues until the ship can finish its maneuver, even if that maneuver is to remain in place at speed “0.” Then deal one facedown damage card to the ship that moved and the closest ship that it overlapped.

  • If a ship temporarily reduces its speed, its speed returns to the number indicated on the speed dial after it finishes executing its maneuver.
  • Even if a ship does not change its position as a result

of being at speed “0,” it has still executed a maneuver and resolves any effects of overlapping obstacles and/or another ship.

  • If a ship must execute a maneuver at a reduced speed

due to overlapping another ship, it is allowed to overlap the maneuver tool in its final position.

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