Card Text Edit

Setup: After placing obstacles, the second player places 3 objective tokens in the play area beyond distance 5 of both players' edges.

Special Rule: At the end of the Command Phase, the second player may choose 1 enemy ship at distance 1-3 of an objective token and remove that token from the play area to perform an attack against that ship. The attacker is treated as if it is a ship with a battery armament of 4 blue dice, but is not friendly to any ship or squadron. The attack is treated as being at medium range, cannot be obstructed, can target any of the defender's hull zones, and has the following critical effect:

Blue Icon Dice Crit: The defender must choose and exhaust 1 of his defense tokens.

Rules Clarification Edit

This card’s Special Rule effect can only be used to attack 1 enemy ship per round.

While attacking with this card’s Special Rule effect, if the defending hull zone has no shields, the attacker can choose to resolve the standard critical effect instead of the card’s critical effect.

FAQ 3.1.1 April 2017

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