Command dials 2sides

A stack of 2 Command Dials, 1 revealed.

Rule Edit

This is the first step during Ship Phase.

Reveal the ship’s top command dial. Then either

  • place the dial next to the ship or
  • Command tokens all

    Command Tokens

    spend the dial to place the corresponding command token next to the ship in the play area.

A ship can resolve the effect of a command by spending a command dial or command token with the matching icon at the appropriate time.

After Reveal Command Dial, the next step of Ship Phase is Attack.

Rules Clarification Edit

Command dials that are gained through the effect of an upgrade card, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, can be spent to assign the corresponding command token to that ship.

New Rule Edit

When a huge ship’s command dial is revealed it gains the corresponding command token without spending the dial.

Corellian Conflict Rule Edit

When a ship reveals a command, it may spend its veteran token to gain one command token of its choice.