Rule Edit

Ship Phase is the second phase of a game round after Command Phase. The first player activates one of his ships. Then the second player activates one of his own ships. Players continue taking turns in this manner until all ships have been activated.

  • Players cannot activate ships that have already been activated.
  • If a player has no unactivated ships remaining, he must pass his turn for the rest of the phase.

Rules Clarification Edit

  • If all unactivated ships are prevented from activating by card effects (such as Admiral Raddus or Governor Pryce), that player passes their turn to activate.

FAQ Version 4.1.1; 2018/04/23

Steps during Ship Activation Edit

When a player activates a ship, he performs the following steps in order:

1 . Reveal Command Dial Edit

2 . Attack. Edit

3 . Execute Maneuver. Edit

The next phase is Squadron Phase.