Rule Edit

This is the fourth of six steps during an attack.

The defender can spend one or more of its defense tokens. He cannot spend any single defense token more than once per attack, and he cannot spend more than one defense token of each type per attack. If the defender’s speed is “0,” he cannot spend any defense tokens.

The next step during attack is Resolve Damage.

Timing Edit

The defender has to declare which defense tokens he spends, before the Resolve Damage step. However the effect of some defense tokens take place before the attacker can resolve a critical effect, some after that. All declared defense tokens must be spent, even if no effect takes place.

Defense tokens to resolve before critical effect: Edit

  • Green-defensetokenA Scatter: The defender cancels all attack dice.
  • Green-defensetokenB Evade: According to range, the defender chooses and cancels one attack die or he chooses one attack die to be rerolled.
  • Swm11 contain tokenContain: Prevent the attacker from resolving the standard critical effect.

Defense tokens to resolve after critical effect: Edit

  • Green-defensetokenC Brace: After the damage is totaled, the defender reduces the total to half, rounded up.
  • Green-defensetokenD Redirect: The defender may suffer any amount of damage on 1 adjacent hull zone before the defending hull zone.

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